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展覽分享|台中養心藝術:「A+ 計畫」10.02.21-10.27.2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"A Plus Project" at ArtNutri Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

位於台中南屯區的養心藝術畫廊,將於本月三日開始,展出為期一個月的特展「A Plus 計畫」,由養心藝術館內策展人陳友梅及瞧瞧藝術負責人謝蕎安共同策展,展出來自台灣和美國的七位藝術家作品。

展出藝術家包括來自台灣的黃莛㭹 (Tingshian Huang)、陳迦恩 (Chiaen Chen),以及來自美國的韓裔藝術家李智賢(Michelle Jane Lee)李雪華(Sulwha Lee)、現居南加州的L (a.s.t.r.a.l.o.r.a.c.l.e.s)洛斯特.霍格曼(Roast Hoggmann)和現居紐約的埃絲特.路易茲(Esther Ruiz)。展出作品融合台灣詩性美學、當代陶藝至美國當代繪畫和概念New Age藝術等不同類型的創作。

此展目的期望帶給大家台中新館輕鬆活潑的新氛圍外,也將在未來持續帶領更多不拘於媒材、議題以及多元豐富與深度性的創作。 歡迎大家蒞臨探索!


Artnutri Gallery(Taichung City, Taiwan) presents “A+ Project”, an exhibition co-curated and organized by Yumei Chen and Joanne Hsieh, showcasing works by seven artists from Taiwan and the United States.

The participating artists are Chiaen Chen, Tingshian Huang from Taiwan; and Korean American artists Michelle Jane Lee, Sulwha Lee, American artist L, Roast Hoggmann (based in OC) and Esther Ruiz (based in New York).

The selection of art ranges from poetic abstraction and contemporary ceramic art with a Taiwanese sensibility, to American contemporary paintings and conceptual art.

The exhibition intends to not only create a dialogue between different materialities and ideologies, but also bring a fresh energy to our new space in Taichung; and a new chapter in which we will continue to focus and exhibit art that explores relevant and diversified mediums and presentations.

文 Text|陳友梅 Yomei Chen

編輯 Edited by | 謝蕎安Joanne Hsieh

翻譯 Translation by |謝蕎安Joanne Hsieh

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