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展覽分享|「熱屏面」- 謝佑承個展在台北數位藝術中心 07.02-08.28.2023

熱屏面 Fever Screen : A Solo Show By Hsieh Yucheng

文章出處|台北數位藝術中心 Digital Art Center, Taipei

圖文 Image & Text|台北數位藝術中心+謝佑承 Digital Art Center, Taipei +Hsieh Yucheng






Fever Screen : A Solo Show By Hsieh Yucheng

This exhibition, Fever Screen, therefore draws from this otherwise undetectable

interface with reality— that is, the thermal images— to establish an illuminating platform/screen/viewfinder to investigate the technological phenomenon of such an interface and the sensory experiences involved in the process of its translation into luminous energy. In infrared images, objects and spaces are detached from their surroundings and translated into a light spectrum, similar to that used in the mapping of terrain. Through the dynamic transmission of heat data into light, the relationships between the public and the individual, and between interaction and quarantine, are unwrapped from beneath the object’s surface and its visual narrative, revealing the borders between the inner and outer body, the appearance and representation of an object, and the dimensions of spaces.

The light of nature allows the human eye to see the phenomena of our realities, whereas the light of technology visualizes what was once invisible. With this technological visual perspective, HSIEH attempts to draw another reality with alternative borders between things and shifts the cognitive paradigm and our ways of seeing by deducing our interaction with reality from that which is manifested in the interface.

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