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展覽分享|瞧瞧藝術 Gallery x Chiao 曾彥翔個展:日光徐徐 Sean Tseng shimmer in the breeze

日期|08.07.2022 日

時間|2:00-5:00 pm


藝術家導覽 Guided Tour|2:30 pm

藝術家對談 Artist Talk|08.21.2022 Sunday 2:30-3:30pm

瞧瞧藝術將展出台灣新生代藝術家曾彥翔與本館的首次個展 日光徐徐 shimmer in the breeze,敬邀各位佳賓蒞臨 08.07.2022 週日的開幕茶會。

此次展覽日光徐徐 shimmer in the breeze為半限地之空間裝置,藝術家以雕塑、攝影、繪畫與聲音等裝置作品的形態變化,引領知覺緩緩地在展覽的空間中堆疊出韻律感。透過觀察物與物之間的流動狀態,從身體經驗出發,探索景觀、空間與身體之間的生動關係。


shimmer in the breeze


'As late I sought the spangled bowers To cull a wreath of matin flowers' ——Anacreon







作品曾多次展出於臺灣、⻄班牙、英國、中國。近年與臺灣藝術家吳依宣籌辦以「空間」為研究核心的藝術家線上交流平台ss space space,並多次參與國際駐村計畫如La Wayaka Current: Desert23°S (Atacama, Chile)、Cerrado Ecoarte (Brasília, Brazil)。於2023年將前往⻄班牙參與CCA Andratx Artist-in-Residence Program駐村計畫。其作品曾獲2021年台北美術獎、2020年臺南新藝獎、2019年世安美學獎造型藝術類。

As Vast As Night and Light 如夜與光般遼闊, 2021. 台北市立美術館

shimmer in the breeze-

A Solo Show by Sean Tseng, presented by Gallery x Chiao

Gallery x Chiao is pleased to announce Sean Tseng 日光徐徐 shimmer in the breeze, the artist's first exhibition with the gallery. Opening reception on 08.07.2022.

Shimmer in the Breeze is a semi site-specific installation, comprising sculpture, photography, painting, and sound installation. The various media creates layers of rhythm that leads the viewer through the space. By observing the flow between objects, the viewer is able to physically experience the vivid relationship between the landscape, the site itself, and the body.

shimmer in the breeze


'As late I sought the spangled bowers To cull a wreath of matin flowers' ——Anacreon

In a quiet afternoon, I sat on the beach, wrapped in the soft touch of seaside breeze, as the sun shone from afar.

I looked up at the blue sky; a touch of sherbet red peeked through scattered clouds. A line of coconut trees lined up beside me and danced in the wind. The sea breeze rippled across my skin, as it stirred up the bright sun-lit sand. In front of my eyes, the infinite ocean expanded far and wide. I immersed myself in this invisible air that surrounded me.

From a grain of sand to a boulder, a stream to an ocean, and a branch to a forest, the natural landscape is composed of countless forms. When immersed in nature, I am the explorer who encounters forms by seeing, touching, and feeling. Through this process, I investigate new possibilities of viewing and perceiving.

Sean Tseng (b. 1995, Taipei) holds an M.A. in sculpture from Royal College of Art (London, United kingdom) and a B.A. in Advertising from National Chengchi Univerisy (Taipei, Taiwan).

He currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Tseng primarily works in installation and photography. Through the use of a mix of natural and man-made/processed materials, his site-specific installations explore notions of rhythm and subtleties in landscape, while investigating the relationship between urban and natural settings, allowing the viewer to immerse and move through these spaces that he creates. Tseng has shown in Taiwan, Spain, Great Britain and China. He is the co-founder of a research-based and artist-centered platform "ss space space" with artist Sara Wu. Tseng has completed residencies at La Wayaka Current: Desert 23° S (Atacama, Chile) and Cerrado Ecoarte (Brasília, Brazil). He has been awarded grants from Taipei Art Awards (2021), Next Art Tainan (2020) and the S-An Cultural Foundation (2019). He will attend the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program in Mallorca, Spain in 2023.

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