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影音專訪|藝術家兼古著二手衣闆娘珍妮絲.佛倫提諾 Studio Tour with Artist / Boutique Owner Genesis Florentino

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt |藝術家工作室系列 第二集 Artist Studio Tour Series Episode 2《Genesis Florentino: Cuteness overload and Power of Kitsch 》

瞧瞧藝術邀請現居邁阿密的畫家 Genesis Florentino 和大家分享她的工作室。Genesis 非常喜歡逛古董跳蚤市場,她的創作經常運用古董、古著上面的圖案和花樣作為靈感來源,確是想復刻並抓住這種懷舊、早期年代生活簡單且天真無邪的感覺。除了藝術家的身份,幾年下來Genesis 堅持只穿古董或二手衣物,在今年終於開了第一間線上古董二手衣專賣店。 讓我們一起來參觀Genesis的工作室和創作靈感吧!

Our guest artist today is Miami based painter, Genesis Florentino. Genesis finds inspiration largely in vintage/kitschy items, her work aims to create a sense of nostalgia and the innocence of a simpler time. Genesis also wears and sells vintage clothing, ("both oil painting and vintage clothing have that timelessness and romantic quality.") In this video Genesis will show us her studio, vintage collection and the clothes she's currently selling on her online vintage boutique!

特別感謝 Genesis Florentino

Special Thanks to Genesis Florentino

製作|Joanne Hsieh 攝影|Genesis Florentino 剪接|Genesis Florentino & Joanne Hsieh 翻譯|Joanne Hsieh 影像提供|Genesis Florentino Produced by Joanne Hsieh Filmed by Genesis Florentino Edited by Genesis Florentino & Joanne Hsieh Translation by Joanne Hsieh Image and footage courtesy|Genesis Florentino ChiaoxArt All Rights Reserved 2022.

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