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影音專訪|說故事的畫家,人偶動畫師 艾文.克里斯 Studio Tour with Artist & Stop-Motion Animator Evin Collis

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt |藝術家工作室系列 第三集 Artist Studio Tour Series Episode 3《Evin Collis: Multidisciplinary Artist and Stop-motion Animator 》

艾文.克里斯(Evin Collis)是一位跨媒材藝術家,他經常透過創作來探討人與大自然和各種生物間的關係。克里斯創作產量豐富,遊走在油畫、紙上創作、人偶、停格動畫之間,瞧瞧藝術邀請現居巴賽隆納的他和我們分享他的創作主題、靈感來源、使用媒材和工作室內容! (由於工作室的錄音品質較不穩定,建議戴上耳機音質會更清晰 。)

Our guest artist today is Barcelona based, multidisciplinary artist Evin Collis. Evin shares with us his working progress and studio situation. (Headphones are recommended due to the inconsistency of sound of this video.) Please enjoy and follow us on Instagram @chiaoxart for more content! 🐗

特別感謝 Evin Collis

Special Thanks to Evin Collis

製作|Joanne Hsieh 攝影|Evin Collis 剪接|Joanne Hsieh 翻譯|Joanne Hsieh 影像提供|Evin Colllis Produced by Joanne Hsieh Image and footage courtesy|Evin Collis ChiaoxArt All Rights Reserved 2022.

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