• Joanne Hsieh (MissyChiao)

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt|成功來自堅持!Artist Interview: 版畫藝術家 Lawrence Keaty

製作|Joanne Hsieh 攝影|Zoey Chen, Joanne Hsieh 剪接|Joanne Hsieh 翻譯|Joanne Hsieh 影像提供|Lawrence Keaty Produced by Joanne Hsieh Directed and Shot by Zoey Chen, Joanne Hsieh Edited by Joanne Hsieh Translation by Joanne Hsieh Image and footage courtesy|Lawrence Keaty ChiaoxArt All Rights Reserved 2020-2021.

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt |藝術家專訪系列 Artist Interview Series《Woodcut Artist: Lawrence Keaty 柯岳豪》

瞧瞧藝術這次帶大家拜訪版畫藝術家Lawrence Keaty。Lawrence和我們分享他的工作室、靈感,以及如何從零開始、拋開藝術學院的枷鎖,自學版畫的過程中找回創作的樂趣。

Follow us to Lawrence Keaty's studio in Taipei. Lawrence is a self taught woodcut artist, he spent 10 years "decompressing" from the conceptual and theoretical training from his MFA, found pure joy in art making as a print maker and becoming a master woodcut artist. 特別感謝 Lawrence Keaty。 Special Thanks to Lawrence Keaty.

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