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瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt|韓國藝術家-李家燕的夢幻工作室揭秘 Studio Tour with Artist/Designer Idee Lee

Updated: Jul 14

製作|Joanne Hsieh 攝影|Idee Lee 剪接|Idee Lee, Joanne Hsieh 翻譯|Joanne Hsieh 影像提供|Idee Lee Produced by Joanne Hsieh Filmed by Idee Lee Edited by Idee Lee and Joanne Hsieh Translation by Joanne Hsieh Image and footage courtesy|Idee Lee ChiaoxArt All Rights Reserved 2021.

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt |藝術家工作室系列 第一集 Artist Studio Tour Series Episode 1《Artist/Fashion Designer Idee Lee》

瞧瞧藝術邀請到來自南韓的藝術家/服裝設計師 “Idee Lee 李家燕” 和大家分享她的工作室。Idee Lee的創作瀰漫著夢幻的浪漫氛圍,同時帶著黑暗氣息。她的攝影作品和短片充分展現她的設計長才-囊括服裝、道具、佈景和燈光設計。浪漫的表現手法,讓人容易忽略作品中潛藏的女性主義,然而一旦看見了便難以將目光移開。 讓我們一起來看看她的工作室和創作靈感吧!

Our guest today is artist and fashion designer from South Korea, Idee Lee. Lee's photography and short films best illustrate her multi-talents in costumes, prop, sound and lighting designs. Her work tackles feminism in a subtle and romantic manner that may be easily overlooked at a glance but hard to ignore once seen. Idee is giving us an exclusive studio tour and we hope you enjoy it!

特別感謝 Idee Lee。 Special Thanks to Idee Lee.

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