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藝術家工作室|慢活藝術-藝術家Jyuan的一天 Healing Through Art: A Day with Artist Zoey Jyuan Chen

Updated: May 27, 2022

瞧瞧藝術 ChiaoxArt |「藝術家的一天」第二集

藝術家的一天:現居台北的藝術家及專業咖啡師 Zoey Chen 和我們分享她的生活藝術 — 如何透過創作:無論是視覺藝術、煮咖啡、編織、蒔花弄草,透過各種創作自我療癒的慢活哲學。

"A Day with Artist" Episode 2 《Taipei based artist Zoey Chen》

Spend a day with Taipei based artist and professional barista Zoey Chen in her studio, where she shares her "slow living" philosophy and daily rituals with us —a self-healing process between creating beautiful ink drawings, coffee brewing, and urban gardening.

特別感謝 Zoey Jyuan Chen.

Special thanks to Zoey Jyuan Chen.

製作|Joanne Hsieh 攝影|Zoey Chen 剪接|Zoey Chen 影像提供|Zoey Chen Produced by Joanne Hsieh and Zoey Chen Shot and edited by Zoey Chen Image courtesy @Zoey Jyuan Chen ChiaoxArt All Rights Reserved 2022.

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